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Who am I?

In 2010, I launched my first blog, which was completely unsuccessful. It was an amalgamation of everything I loved and wanted to write about, decorated in bright, clashing colours, and it didn’t go anywhere. I let go of that blog with a heavy heart in 2015, because it was the first real indication that I wouldn’t automatically succeed at blogging and creative entrepreneurship. I went away, thought about what I wanted to write about, and thought about the service I want to provide on the internet.

I am Amy Elizabeth Hopkins, a twenty-two year old History, International Relations and French graduate, as of 2017. I currently live in London, and this is the beginning of my career.

Why am I here?

Being a young woman in the 21st century is a confusing and stressful situation. We’re battling against a regression into sexist values, the financial market is slumping to levels we haven’t seen since the 2007 global economic crisis, and we are being expected to know exactly what to do with our lives with very little direction.

That’s what Young Female Professional is all about. Here is the reserve of advice you need for a variety of areas: health, careers, university, travel etc. I endeavour to give other YFPs a chance to struggle less against the tide of the world, and hopefully we can build a community – nay, a tribe – of YFPs to conquer the world together.

The Young Female Professional
The Young Female Professional

I aim to be starting a Podcast to accompany YFP before Christmas, covering similar materials to the blog. Let me know if there is anything you think I should cover here on the blog, and I’ll see what I can do with it.

Amy Hopkins will definitely be one of Britain’s most recognised journalists. Her passion for journalism is exclusive. As her former Journalism lecturer I am confident that she will influence British and world policy through her critical writings as a journalist.
She has demonstrated journalistic skills of unusual merit. I recommend Amy unreservedly.

Admore Tshuma, Sunday Times Journalist, Journalism Tutor.